Join our top producing team at Barclay Realty Group!

Are you interested in working with Barclay Realty Group?  We offer high splits, ZERO fees, amazing technology, and warm leads!  We are an energetic, professional real estate firm serving the greater Charlotte NC and Upstate SC areas.  Our central location is in the South Park area, but we need agents in all locations!

High Splits - Based on performance, our split plans range from 80% to 95%.  We are able to offer great split plans since there is currently no major overhead cost for agent office space.  Team meetings, training sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching session are offered in our South Park business location, but there is no day-to-day office space weighing us down.  

NO FEES - Did we mention no monthly fees?  

Superior Technology - Each producing agent will get his/her own branded website to generate leads, market him/herself, and manage contacts.  Grab leads for free by creating landing pages, individual listing websites, neighborhood pages, and more to share on socials & other platforms.  Our cutting edge CRM can handle any drip campaign, action plan, video text, mass email, or even voicemail drop that you can create.  All of this is included for our producing agents at NO COST.  Buyers and sellers visiting individual agent websites will route directly to that agent; not the firm!  Just ask and we can walk you through the back end of our technology platform.

New Agent Training - There's a place at Barclay Realty Group for everyone.  Provisional Brokers are introduced to a staged training program that will take them from zero to producer in a matter of months.  Provisional Brokers can earn great splits even during the ramp-up period.  Even seasoned agents will enjoy the training program, which goes inside the lead-generating platform to show agents how to build their lead pipeline for free.  The 10-module training program covers everything from initial technology setup to closing transactions!

Warm Leads - We have lots of great buyers and sellers visiting, finding us on Google,, or Zillow, calling our signs, or seeing us at marketing events.  We are constantly generating new leads and we need agents to work with those folks!  Join Barclay Realty Group and you'll be put right into the rotation for lead distribution.  

How about signs, lock boxes, and business cards?  Since we're offering you above average splits, warm leads, FREE personalized website & lead generation, NO FEES, and great training, we ask that you handle those small start-up costs on your own.  However, we have a library full of templates for you to choose from when ordering those marketing materials!  Oh, and we also cover our agents' E&O insurance. 

Please reach out today to talk about joining Barclay Realty Group!

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