Amenities to Help Your Home Sell Faster

Amenities to Increase Your Home Value 

Amenities are those special features that turn the heads of potential homebuyers. Being sure that your house is loaded with the right amenities could make a huge difference when it comes time to sell. It may very likely increase the value of your home and show that you are offering great living options that are worth the asking price.

Here are just a few ideas. Some may seem obvious, but it’s great to keep a checklist of what seems most appealing to potential homebuyers:

Air conditioning  This may seem like a no-brainer, but a new, state-of-the-art HVAC system that keeps the home comfortable in all seasons is a major plus. 

A cool backyard   Now that homebuyers are looking again to the suburbs because of the pandemic, they may be taking a second look at the outdoor space that will let them sit and sun. They’ll be calculating how they can entertain friends or simply relax -- perhaps you have a pool or have the land to support one. Gardening is also a popular hobby that pleases home seekers. 

Roofs and decks   Increase your home’s square footage with additional space on the roof, or a deck outside the kitchen. This extends possibilities and gives the impression of a much larger property. For many home buyers, outdoors are as important as indoors. 

A state-of-the-art laundry room  Laundry rooms can look depressing, especially if the washer/dryer and sink are outdated and look overused. Consider investing in a new and improved washer/dryer and clean, new sink that looks good as new. You can also include shelving and storage possibilities that make laundry day low maintenance and maybe even enjoyable. 

Plenty of parking   These days, homeowners tend to turn their garages into rec rooms, even going as far as removing the garage door.  If that’s the case in your situation, make sure that the home seeker can see that parking will be easy and plentiful. Check your driveway for cracks; invest in a repaving for smooth parking.

Home theater  This could come as an exciting surprise to a potential homebuyer. The idea of being able to entertain friends with a laser projector – based home theater, or just to have a fun movie night at home with the family, could make a huge difference in a buying decision. 

Be sure your home is smart  What a bonus, especially for younger buyers, who love technology and expect it too. The Internet of Things (IoT) lets the devices in your home “talk” to each other, allowing doors to open, lights to turn on and off, and temperatures to change on demand. 

Hardwood floors   In the years since you first bought your home, you may not have realized that wall-to-wall carpeting is no longer in vogue. The way to go these days are hardwood floors. If you have them, show them! Get rid of the old rugs and buff up what’s underneath. 

Bottom line   Adding amenities to your house may be just a matter of realizing what special features could engage and attract homebuyers. Some seem obvious, but not always, especially if you’ve lived in your house for a while and need to take a look at what’s currently hot, expected and/or appealing to younger buyers.




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